Take a little piece of my heart… Tomar

Takes on To Take      Many times we have been asked about the ―best‖ dictionary, as if that book will provide an instant solution to all your Spanish needs.  But quite often there is no word to word equivalent from language to language.  An excellent example of this is the verb to take.  It can be used in so many ways that you have to go beyond the first words to express what you truly want to say.


A few examples of this almost generic verb follow: to take (a bite) = to try  – probar –¿Quieres probar? to take = to get possession of — tomar — Tomó el dinero y fué al banco. to take = to transport, carry (something) and give possession to someone else — llevar – Llévele el libro a Tita.  to take = to transport (a person) — llevar — Voy a llevar a Pablo al aeropuerto.  to take = to steal — robar, quitar — A mi amigo le robaron mucho dinero.  to take = to accept — aceptar — ¿Aceptan tarjetas de crédito?  to take = to subscribe to (a newspaper or magazine) — suscribirse — Me suscribo al periódico de Cuernavaca.   to take = to go by —tomar, ir en — Tomaré un tren. to take = to require — necesitar, requerir, llevar — Necesita mucha fuerza.  to take = to require or wear — calzar (said of zapatos), usar (said of clothing) — Calzo los de tamaño 12 y uso un Mediano.  to take = to last, to use time — durar — No durará mucho.  to take time (be a while) = tardar – No tardo mucho.  to take a course, to study — estudiar — Estudio la filosofía. to take a bath (shower) — bañar (se)  —Me baño todos los días.  to take a break, to take a rest — tomar (se) un descanso — Vamos a tomarnos un descanso. to take after = to resemble — parecerse — Mi nieto se parece a su abuela.  to take apart — desmontar — Desmontó la máquina. to take away, to take from, to take off = to remove — quitar — Hace calor…voy a quitarme el abrigo. to take back = to return — devolver — No quiere devolverme el dinero.   to take cover — esconderse — Se escondió detrás de un árbol.  to take a test — tomar un examen, – Tienen que tomar el examen. to take down, to take notes — anotar, escribir, tomar apuntes — Ella apuntó la información. to take in = to deceive — engañar — Su novio la engañó.    to take in = to understand — comprender — No pudo comprenderlo.  to take off weight — adelgazar — Adelgaza por limitar la sal.   to take on = to accept or assume) — aceptar, asumir — No puedo aceptar la responsabilidad.  to take = to take out, to remove — sacar — El muchacho necesita sacar la basura.   to take a picture — tomar una foto — Tomé unas fotos impresionantes.  to take a walk — dar un paseo — Tengo ganas de dar un paseo.


Author: language_link

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